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Degas Moments
I received my first Degas leotard today and I cannot believe how beautiful it is! I have worked in high end department stores for a few years and I can honestly say that holding one of these leotards in my hand is like touching a designer garment. There is no doubt that these products are worth every single penny. The customer service is also superb. I felt like shopping for my first Degas leotard was like shopping at a Saks Fifth Avenue with the help of Linda. I can't wait to buy another style! Only problem is that I can't decide which one!

Philadelphia, Pa

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DEGAS was created by professional dancers of the OPERA DE PARIS.

To keep the tradition alive, we designed high-end leotards for dancers who want to feel the difference.

DEGAS leotards fit like a second skin and are meant to improve and embellish a dancer's body. Just as a point shoe feels. A perfect fit.

Each fabric is specially chosen for its softness, texture and comfort. Each leotard is distinguished by its beautiful cut.

We, at DEGAS, are committed to perfection.
Perfection does exist. DEGAS leotards.