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Degas Moments
I love Degas leotards so much! They are the only leotards I have ever worn that I have felt extremely comfortable in. The styles are not only beautiful on the hanger, but on ones body as well. I feel like the most beautiful dancer in the whole room while wearing my Degas leotard! And now I will be able to get them whenever I please, due to the fact that they are more accessible to US customers! Thank you Degas for making such wonderful and exquisite leotards!

San Francisco Ballet School
San Francisco

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Lined, with skirt.
9603 SALE: $49.00
No skirt.
SALE: $45.00
9505 SALE: $45.00

No skirt.

Color in picture: Menthol

SALE: $49.00
9520 SALE: $70.00
9617 - COLOR SALE SALE: $65.00